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ATS provides the insight and understanding needed for dealing with the increasingly complex realities of moving new or improved energy, evironmental, fuels, and mobility systems technologies into their intended market - and keeping them there. In doing our job, we focus on the intersections among:

  • Product design function and price
  • Environmental/regualtory/policy issues
  • Intellectual property protection needs
  • User needs and preceptions
  • Market/customer readiness
  • Competitive pressures/products

ATS offers a comprehensive set of services that are tailored to fit each client engagement and budget. These services include:

  • Product design, development, testing and evalution
  • Engineering design analysis for product improvement, patent expansion, and maintenance/cost reduction
  • Critical review of technology and patent development activities
  • Evaluation of products for market fit and benchmarking for competitiveness
  • Evaluation of market feasibility, technical and economic feasibility, patent protection limitations, and related competitive pressures
  • Conduct market surveys/analyses and analysis of requirements for market and user acceptability
  • Assessment of market implementation costs, risks and benefits
  • Development and evaluation of program mission requirements and priorities
  • Analysis of environmental/regulatory issues and their relationship to technology application, market entry/sustainability and user acceptance
  • Analysis of stakeholder base and development of education and outreach tools to support their needs
  • Creation of research, development and demonstration plans with technology marketing strategies that achieve maximum effectiveness
  • Acquisition of public funding to support market introduction