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ATS principals and senior staff have been helping clients reduce energy use, emissions and operating costs for over 30 years. Our staff is very knowledgeable in the equipment, processes and functions that comprise the basis for establishing an organization's carbon footprint and developing an effective carbon management program. ATS offers a wide range of carbon management program development and implementation services to help organizations of all kinds measure, reduce, and monitor pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from building operations, industrial/commercial operations and mobile sources. ATS provides solutions designed to fit a wide range of client-specific needs, from program development to complete management of program implementation.

These services include:

  • Determining "carbon footprints", emission inventories and emission reduction benefits that result from implementation of energy/emission reduction options
  • Analysis of practical options for reducing energy/fuel use and emissions from internal combustion engines, other combustion source equipment and industrial processes
  • Program design development and development of implementation plans to achieve carbon neutrality, LEED certification and renewable energy credits (RECs)
  • Development of carbon management strategies and implementation of processes, technologies and practices for achieving reductions in pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases that provide high quality emission reduction credits meeting the crietria needed for sale in the credit trading market
  • Analysis of organization and stakeholder needs and development of policy guidance, education and outreach tools to support their needs
  • Technical assistance for grant application and other forms of financial assistance
  • Acquisition of funding/financing for program implementation
  • Development of procurement specification guidance for the acquisition of energy/emission-reducing products and services and the selection and acquisition of products and services to match the needs
  • Technical support for the installation, operation and maintenance of energy/emission-reducing products and technologies
  • Implementation training and day-to-day operational support